Bonds Protective Comfy Face Mask treated with HeiQ Viroblock 3 Pack - Small/Medium

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Colour: Black

Protective and comfy all in one, this reusable Bonds Mask can help keep you and those around you safe by slowing the spread of viruses. The 100% cotton outer layer has been treated with HeiQ Viroblock to increase barrier protection. The X-Temp inner layer is treated with adaptive cooling for a comfy, breathable fit. For optimal protection, a secure fit is required. As such, it is not suitable for children or people with facial hair.

  • • Lasts up to 20 washes. One size only
  • •Double layer of protection
  • •100% cotton outer layer, treated with HeiQ Viroblock, for enhanced performance
  • •X-Temp inner layer keeps you cool, dry and comfortable
  • •Soft, elastic ear loops for comfort

    Bonds Protective Comfy Face Mask treated with HeiQ Viroblock
    WIDTH 15cm16.5cm18cm
    CENTRE FRONT LENGTH 11cm13cm14.5cm
    SIDE LENGTH 6.5cm8cm9cm
    STRAP LENGTH 12cm14cm17cm
    GOT YOU COVERED. Find out what makes our masks so reliable.

    Here you'll find everything you need to know about our Bonds Face Masks.

    How can masks help slow the spread of viruses?
    Masks can help slow the spread of viruses by providing barrier protection. They can assist in protecting you by providing a barrier to reduce the chance of germs coming in contact with your mouth or nose and can assist in protecting others by providing a barrier if you cough or sneeze.

    What does X-Temp do?
    The inner layer of the mask is treated with X-Temp which supports heating and cooling regulation to keep you comfy while wearing the mask.

    What does Viroblock do?
    Viroblock has been added to the outside layer of the mask to enhance the performance of the mask i.e. to help increase the barrier protection.

    What else do you use X-Temp on?
    We have a number of other products available which use the X-Temp treatment. These include some of our men's and children's underwear and socks and our baby Wondercool range.

    What is the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods?
    It is a register of therapeutic goods that can lawfully be sold in Australia. The register is maintained by the TGA.

    What is the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)?
    The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is Australia's regulatory authority for therapeutic goods and is part of the Federal Department of Health.

    Can I get COVID-19 or the flu while wearing the mask?
    A mask is one element to help reduce the risk of becoming infected and of spreading infections, it does not guarantee protection for the wearer. Other measures include following social distancing guidelines and regular hand washing. It is always best you follow all government health recommendations.

    I like the inside colour of the mask better than the black, can I reverse it?
    The mask is purposely designed to have different treatments on different sides

    Material: Cotton.

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